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Celebrate Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

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Each year, the Island of Trinidad and Tobago carnival takes place in either February or March. People in America and all over the world fly in to participate in this spectacular and raucous celebration. Plan a year ahead and seek out concierge services that can be helpful and will aid you in planning your trip. Start your planning stages approximately 8 to 10 months before carnival begins to be properly prepared.

Begin planning your trip by establishing a budget.  Trinidad carnival is considered to be the most expensive in the world. Service providers and carnival bands give you a break; however, by offering you discounts and even low prices a few months prior to the actual carnival season. 

Check Out Flights Early

Getting past the planning stage of your trip, you can now immediately start checking flights to Trinidad's Port of Spain Airport. Flights are available between the months of March and May of the previous year. The flights will start opening up on Priceline, Google Flights, and Caribbean Airlines a year ahead of time.

Find Deals

Take advantage of deals you can probably negotiate from your home airport to Port Of Spain Airport. Early spring is the best time to obtain the lowest price into Trinidad from America or anywhere else in the world for that matter. Prices will increase as Carnival Tuesday draws near. So be an early bird, and get your flight tickets ahead of time.

Options for Stay

If you're planning to stay in a fancy hotel, you just have to make early bookings, and hotel concierges service can make those arrangements for you. You have the option of staying at guest houses, which cost less than expensive hotels. Concierges can also arrange stay locations for you and your family or friends at guest houses or apartments.

Mas While Wearing Band-Correct Costume

You have to plan on playing mas, which is part of the carnival dancing theme. You can't just wear what you want to wear on Trinidad's Carnival day. You have to choose a costume that fits the theme of the band you'll be dancing to. Obtain a Trinidad band guide that is helpful to you, so that you'll wear the proper costume that allows you to mas with the band you've chosen. This is a serious and competitive music and dancing business, and you must keep in step with what your band's theme wants to project.


Note that elaborate makeup is an integral part of how you look when dancing. If you are skilled in applying carnival makeup for yourself, that's fine. If not, use your carnival guide to book a makeup artist for you. You're going to be wearing mind-blowing costumes that require elaborate makeup to fit band themes. Get it right so that you can bring home photos of your daring and happy-go-lucky costume and makeup. 

Consult with Trinidad and Tobago carnival concierge services to make the most out of your upcoming vacation.


19 March 2020