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Why A Hotel Could Be The Perfect Student Housing Choice


If you are just starting college or university or perhaps you are entering your second or third year at the school, you may be looking for student housing that is comfortable but doesn't break your budget. Student housing on campus can be great, but it does have its downsides, such as they tend to be loud and more expensive.

If you are looking for student housing you might want to consider a hotel instead. Here are some reasons why a hotel could be the perfect choice for your student housing needs.

They Are Like Apartments

Hotels can offer more than a typical room or suite; in fact, they can be more like small apartments. They usually have a living room with a couch and chairs plus a TV, often with streaming services, a full kitchen and dining area, a bathroom, and one or more bedrooms.

In some hotels, especially those close to universities, the rooms may offer a study area in the room complete with either a table or a desk with a WiFi connection included in the cost of the monthly rent. It's also possible that the hotel has a workspace area where you can set up your computer to do work if you wish to have a different view for a while.

They Are Centrally Located

While staying on campus can be great to be close to your classes and library, they aren't always located close to your favorite restaurants or other activities you may like to do in your downtime. A hotel can be perfect for student housing because they tend to be centrally located to all major attractions, restaurants, and even transit.

The hotel could be located close to your school for easier access to your class or library but also give you a great location to enjoy the city as well.

They Have Better Amenities

When staying in student housing at the school itself, you may not find there are many amenities to enjoy in your downtime. The school may have a fitness center or gym and perhaps a pool, but they will only be open during school operating hours for the most part.

When staying in a hotel, you could have access to better amenities than you would at student housing on campus. For example, some hotels have an indoor pool and hot tub, salon or spa, fitness center, and laundry rooms, or you could opt for hotel staff to do your laundry as well.

You can also have housekeeping clean your room on a daily basis. You may also get fresh sheets daily and, new toiletries like shampoo, soap, and more.


21 September 2021