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6 Problems That Can Be Avoided Thanks To Pilot Truck Services


Pilot truck services help to navigate roadways and worksites safely. It's important to understand all the various problems that you can face when transporting heavy loads or navigating a busy worksite without the assistance of pilot truck services.

The following are six problems that can be avoided thanks to pilot truck services.  

Worksite injuries

Pilot truck services are essential when you need to have a vehicle guided through a worksite where construction is going on at the moment. Pilot truck services can help to avoid accidents and worksite injuries in this situation.

Pilot truck services are essential not only for protecting staff members from hazards, but also for avoiding the liability expenses that can result from an accident involving injuries that take place at your facility. 

Damage to a worksite or to equipment

A vehicle or piece of heavy machinery that is not guided through a worksite or roadway with an escort can easily become damaged or cause damage to the surroundings. Such damage can cost your company a lot of money. 

Delays due to confusion regarding directions

Pilot truck services ensure that an oversized truck or similar type of vehicle takes the right route when driving on public roads. This is essential for minimizing the chances that delays will occur because an oversize truck goes the wrong way.

Pilot truck services also help keep oversized trucks out of traffic because of the delays and safety risks that can result when a bulky, oversize vehicle is maneuvered through heavy traffic situations. 

Stress during travel involving heavy equipment and/or oversized loads

Using pilot truck services can give you added peace of mind when you need to have an oversize load driven over a route on public roads. When you use a pilot truck service, you know that you're taking precautions and doing what you can to ensure safety. 

Vehicle accidents

Pilot truck services help to avoid accidents by warning other drivers on the road that an oversize load is using the roadway. When drivers see pilot trucks providing escort services, they know to steer clear of the oversize vehicle to avoid hazards. 

Violations of the motor vehicle code

In many situations, pilot truck services are required according to motor vehicle codes. You could face harsh penalties if you attempt to take an oversize vehicle out on public roads without meeting the requirements that are specified by the motor vehicle code in your state. 


31 March 2023